Butterflies, Cuddles, Wine!

Butterflies – Now that I am slowly returning too Twitch and broadcasting, that is proving quite difficult as my little angels are at home now, I have been wracking my brain to think what I could do for my Subs! So called, for the subscribers to my channel.

I came up with the idea of Origami butterflies, in the colour of the Subs choice (if they want one) that I then pin to my Sub wall! Perhaps when I am bit bigger, I can offer a prize and place the butterflies in a hat to pick out a winner. Eitherway, they seem to be a big hit!

Cuddles – Yesterday I experienced one of the worst days ever! Most of you know I am a single Mum to three, and because of the lockdown here in the UK, the majority of parents are trying to home school their little darlings. While it seems like an easy mission, trust me… it is NOT.

Not only do I have to re-learn my own schooling, but I have to do it on three different levels, and also take on board all the new ways that Math, English, Science and RE is now taught! I dropped RE immediately, I have no interest in it, therefore I can not possibly teach my children anything about it (atheist) so we skipped that subject. Math…. HOW do schools teach this now? What on Earth is this ridiculously long winged equations? Nope, that went out the window and we did it the old way. Eventually, the schools went online, and I thought my sanity was saved, after months of tearing my hair out.

I was very wrong. Now, my children were fighting over the one PC we have for school time. The eldest has ALL his subjects online with simple instructions of “do this, then upload” for the majority of them. The middle one has actual Team meetings (bit like Zoom) through out the day from 9am until 3pm. The youngest just does Khan Academy all day, Duo lingo, colouring and styling my hair! So it is far from being less stressful. It is so bad, in fact, that yesterday I was ready to just give up completely. Pack the kids off too Sweden to live with their Dad and rehome the animals and just… go. Without the children, I am nothing, so I was done. Just done.

The amount of friends that came to my side (figuratively speaking) and sent me messages of support and love was over whelming. My eyes leaked, proper snotty, hard gut crying. I love my online family!

Wine – As a long time tea totaller, I have found that lock down has drawn me further and further towards the sin’s of alcohol! It started as the most pathetic white wine spritzers, as in, >..< this much white wine with <………………………………..> this much lemonade! Barely enough to change the taste at all, but enough to just tingle the nostrils, if you get what I mean?

Nope, I was full on, Bacardi and cokes or wine with barely any lemonade! Not every night, just the weekends. We have made the weekends our time to have Fakeaways, fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate and crisps (chips), but I realised it was getting a bit much. So, I am stepping back, and dropping back towards my spritzers, that are more lemonade than wine, and ONLY on a Friday and Saturday night. Just a few glasses. Not only is this more cost effective, but also better for my weight loss journey (more on that next week).

Any way, to recap…. Suberflies, Virtual hugs and Weekend treats. Love you all and Stay Safe!

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